The client brief:

Following on from a successful team building event booked through Chillisauce, Airbus asked us to organise a corporate team building event for their senior team with an overnight stay and evening entertainment. They wanted the event to incorporate a range of challenging and different team building exercises that would promote team spirit and motivate whilst enabling staff to trust each other, get to know each other and achieve together.

Our thinking:

We suggested holding their meeting followed by dinner and accommodation at a popular hotel in Bristol. For the team building event, we suggested our ‘hostage rescue’ in the hotels grounds.

The finer details:

We chose the hotel for its ideal meeting and conference facilities as well as its great location and suitable grounds for team building activities.

After the team’s boardroom style meeting with screen, LCD Projector and a buffet style lunch, they took part in our popular ‘Hostage Rescue’ team building event. This event provides a full-on action experience, ideal for experienced staff as it required them to employ a broad range of physical, mental and dextrous skills and plenty of teamwork. It addressed important business messages such as competition, achieving goals, working together as a team, and the importance of effective communication.

The Hostage Rescue experience included:

  • Axe Throwing
  • Sniper Shooting
  • Close Quarter Battle
  • Training in the Methods of Room Clearance
  • Operating in Urban areas
  • Secret off-site raid location
  • Site visit to find & set up raid location
  • Hire of raid location
  • Transfer to secret raid venue
  • Smoke, gun fire, explosions
  • Staged raid in the grounds of the hotel to put training into practice
  • Filming of raid & DVD to be sent after event


“I would like to extend my thanks from all of the team that attended this event, we all had the most amazing time. Usually when events get organised by companies, somewhere along the line something goes wrong, but this even was totally faultless to the end, everything went so smoothly.”