Why we don't organise flights
At Chillisauce, we do not book flights or offer them in any of our packages.

The reason for this is we are not able to secure flights at discounted rates from the various airlines. Typically, agencies that book flights will charge you extra for booking them.

We recommend sites such as skyscanner.net or momondo.co.uk. Once you've found the best deal, they will link you through directly to the airline with no hidden charges or added fees. And just to be clear, we don't get any kickback for recommending them.

We'd also recommend that you personally step back from booking these all yourself. Do the search and send the link, but leave others to book their own flights. So many things can go wrong with booking multiple flights - from misspelling someone's name where a small mistake can lead to onerous charges to the hassle of collecting everybody's passport numbers, and then being responsible for printing/looking after everyone's boarding passes. Don't do it. Instead, tell them where to book, and on the day meet them in the bar at the departure lounge.

How can I pay?
We accept BACS and all major credit card payments online or over the phone.

Can I pay a deposit for my event?
With Chillisauce, you can pay a £49 deposit to secure your event, and we'll get everything reserved for you today. This amount will be deducted from your personal total.

Everybody else will then have two weeks to log in and pay their £49 deposit to confirm their place. Guests can then pay a custom amount or their full balance at any stage, we just ask that this is paid 6 weeks prior to the event so we can finalise the booking. If there is an outstanding balance on each guests place 6 weeks prior to the event date, we will automatically collect the balance using the same card you used to pay your deposit. You can log on to update your card details at any stage.

For guests of the event, you'll need to wait for your organiser to pay their deposit first.

For events in the next six weeks, you'll need to pay the full balance to confirm the event. This is because our suppliers require full payment at this stage.

How to change your event's name
Learn how to rename your event to make it sound more exciting

Simply, log into your account on chillisauce.com and click on the event title to rename. Once you've finished typing - the title will automatically save.

Where to find accommodation reviews
At Chillisauce, everything is reviewed by customers who have been there, and done that.

We publish unedited reviews of all our hotels, hostels and apartments to help you plan the right event for your group and so you know what to expect.

You'll find a snapshot (star rating and amount of reviews) at the top of every venue page.

Full reviews are further down the page. Click the left or right arrows to find more reviews.

What happens if my event dates change?
Bear in mind that we don’t do flights but we work the initial dates and maximum numbers for the package booked and then once the flights are booked if we need to make amendments due to potential date changes etc we can do this free of charge for you.

How to invite friends
Learn where to invite the rest of the group to your event

Simply, log in to your account on chillisauce.com and click the view group button on the dashboard.

To invite the rest of the group - copy and paste the link into any Whatsapp group, Facebook Messenger thread, Facebook event, or send via email.

When guests click the link they'll be taken to the sign up page. Once they've signed up, they'll be able to view your event. Here they'll be able to RSVP, see the itinerary, explore the selected activities, nightlife and accommodation options, see who else is going, and make a payment.

Do you store my debit/credit card details?

No, we do not store your card details. When you make a payment to us, your card details are sent directly to the bank who authorise your payment. The bank stores your card details in accordance with applicable financial laws and regulations and sends us a unique encrypted token id. This token id is sent to the bank when we process a repeat payment or a refund so that we do not need to collect your card details again.