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Mon to Thu 9am to 7pm

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Stag & Hen

020 7155 9863 stagandhen(at)

Corporate Events

0113 8563263


020 7155 9863 suppliers(at)

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19 Hatfields, London, SE1 9DJ

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Customer Help

Chillisauce is committed to providing a quality service to all our customers. We value your business and work hard in the background to make sure our events are properly confirmed and that our suppliers are able to deliver. However we recognise things don't always go to plan and this can be frustrating for those involved. We’re also ABTA members and operate to a strict code of conduct, and part of this conduct includes making provision for customers to seek resolution in the event something goes wrong.

If you are not satisfied with the level of service you have received from us we would like you to tell us about it. We take feedback of this nature very seriously and any effort to contact us is appreciated as it provides us with an opportunity to improve our standards.

All complaints and feedback are referred to our Management team and we will acknowledge your complaint in writing within 2 days of receiving it. We will aim to resolve it within 10 working days. However, from time to time, this may take longer given the nature of the complaint. To get in touch please send us an email explaining in detail the issue, providing your booking reference and name of the Lead Booker, and a telephone number to contact you on. The contact email to use is : feedback(at)

NB. If you're currently on an event and something goes wrong, please use the contact details provided to you with your booking to speak to your dedicated Event Planner.

Full details of our complaints process are also contained within our Terms of Business.